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News Feb 2018

News Feb 2018

Gloucestershire Wildfowlers Newsletter February 2018

Message from the Chairman
Dear Members
Now that the season has ended, (I hope everyone managed to get some shooting in during the last four and half months and bag a few birds). It's now time to look ahead. Your committee will be working on projects during the closed season to try and add more shooting areas and accesses to our list of sites.

We will be arranging work parties and I hope people will be able to give up some time to participate in these. Even a couple of hours is always a big help.
Frampton fair, even though still a long way in the future, will suddenly be upon us. Again, we will be looking for volunteers to give up a couple of hours to help on the day.

Can I thank all those members who took out associates during the last season, your help and advice certainly paid off this year with 100% pass rate achieved on the ID course
Please keep watching the web site and read the news letters as this is the only way the committee can inform you of what is happening.

Again I hope you all had a successful 2017/18 season and I look forward to meeting up with you at some point. Regards
Trevor Bailey

AGM 2018
This years AGM is held in the usual venue this is your opportunity to have your say.

Junior Members
The much depleted juniors were treated to an end of season flight in the Berkley Ditch during February. Senior members were asked not to shoot this area on the designated morning and it was great to see this request respected.
Though there was little about on the morning a few geese were seen and a few shots were fired ensuring that there was at least some interest on a very cold and frosty morning.
Like all Wildfowling Clubs GWA is short of Junior Members. Do you have children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces etc that would be interested in Wildfowling? If not why not sign them up to the Club and involve them in next years planned Junior events. These kids are our future after all.

The following is a write up on recent work carried out by volunteers at Poulton Court. This one is by Club Secretary Nic Ling. Do you have something to say or write about. Input from members is more than welcome.

It was almost the end of the season and on a Sunday Lunchtime at Poulton Court, We were met by 3 club Associates - Mark, Luke & Phil.
Mark and Luke had made new duck tubes for the two ponds in the kidney Field and the splash which had been cleared out, thanks to a grant from BASC.
Mark and Luke had brought a boat so that they could reach the islands easier. However, it may have been better if they had brought silicon as well to plug the holes in the transom!
The scaffold poles were found to be a bit too long so were quickly taken away and cut down and then hammered into the ground. A top section then bolts on and has the duck tube fitted to it...... makes it easier to repair as the tubes have to be redone every year with new hay/straw. While Nic, Mark and Luke were playing on the water, Trevor and Phil were digging up and planting some reeds around the water edge. Hopefully when they take, they will give some cover for the ducklings from any corvids.
Once the work was done, it was planned to have a brew before an evening flight..... A reminder to people who stay in the club hut- if the water is getting low, let Nic or Matt or any of the other committee members know- they can then arrange resupply.
The evening flight was pleasant with the tide coming in, duck were seen about but none came close enough for a shot.

There is more work to be carried out with possibly planting some willow on the islands, thinning out of trees in the wood around the hut, tidying up and later in the year brushcutting, strimming and laying in wood for the fire. Watch this space!