Gloucestershire Wildfowlers Association News

Newsletter re Subs

To all club members.

I hope that you are all keeping well in the current situation and that you and your families are safe.
As many of you are aware, BASC has now stopped their proposed price increase for this season. (eg £2.00 more for full membership).

Club Subs were proposed to be increased at the AGM to cover BASC increases. This is the price that people have paid this season. We have had well over half of the club already paid or already set up their standing orders, so the admin to refund people the £2 would be onerous. Therefore, it will be proposed that the club subs be held at this rate until 2022 to recompense members.

BASC has also said that it will reduce the fees for this year by £10 for anyone who has lost their job due to Covid19. The individual member would need to contact BASC, who then send the rebate directly to the member.
In line with that, the Committee is proposing to assist members that have lost their jobs and therefore suffering hardship. Any member that obtains the reduction from BASC will also receive a refund of £20 from the GWCA.
Both of these items will need to be ratified at an AGM.

Having seen much debate on various forums regarding assistance from Wildfowling clubs, it was gratifying to see that the GWCA already help their membership far more than most, even without taking any special measures.

If you have sent in your subs or arranged bank transfer/standing order and not yet received a membership card, please contact Nic Ling or send in a renewal form, if you have not already done so.