Gloucestershire Wildfowlers Association News

GWCA Newsletter June 2020

I hope that all of you are keeping well and that Covid has not caused you too many heartaches.

I am just taking this opportunity to keep you updated with what has been happening.

The Club's committee has still been active, keeping contact via the joys of email and telephone.

It was good to see that what we do every year to assist our members with paying the subs is more than a lot of clubs managed in these circumstances. We also have agreed to match where BASC are giving extra credit to assist people.

We had already taken subs from over ½ of the club when BASC announced that they were cancelling this years subscription rise. Therefore rather than trying to refund, we will keep our subs static for a couple of seasons.

A vast majority of the club has now paid their subs, but just a reminder for those still to do so..... although GWCA has extended the cut off to 31 July, your BASC still expires on that date. BASC are currently working from home and this can cause delays in getting your renewal with them. Therefore if you do not pay until the last moment, do not shoot until you get your BASC card or you may not be covered by insurance!

The club has secured funding for further work on the Kidney Field from the Wildlife Habitat Creation Trust. They had seen and heard of the work carried out there and approached the club with offers of support! A large amount of work has been conducted by the club committee, especially Trevor Bailley and a 5 year project plan has been approved. This will start with an ecological survey being conducted next month.

With the new Covid restrictions not relaxing as far as we had hoped, the committee has voted to allow a smaller quorum purely for the purpose of interviews of associate and returning members. This will take place next month and the people concerned have been emailed individually.

Marsh walks have started and will be repeated so that people get a chance to attend despite numbers being limited by Covid.

There is a works party planned at Poulton Court for Sat 18th July.... Plan is 5 people plus myself - a bit more clearing brambles in front of hut, strim path to hut, clean hut/kennel, possibly fit new lights if i can source a 12 volt option for inside by then. load rubbish into trailer to clear away, cut stack wood, drink coffee, talk b@**oks, eat bacon sarnies :-). Contact Nic if you want to come.

The club will be running the bird id training and test. Hopefully in the usual format but dependant on Covid! Details to be notified.

Unfortunately we have been informed that Frampton Fair has been cancelled. As well as a loss of an enjoyable day out ½ day if you volunteer to help out) it is a loss of income for the club.

There are less than 10 weeks to the start of the season! As it stands, we should be able to shoot without further restrictions..........

Hope to see you all out on the marshes.

Nic Ling