Gloucestershire Wildfowlers Association News

Newslette Oct 2021

I hope that you have all had a better start to the season than I have.  Managed to get out but not had much above me at all.   Do not think that the weather is helping, Insect repellant and suncream seem to be more needed than waterproofs and a gun!

Just a couple of things to keep you updated on.

Poulton Court:  
The work there is basically completed (almost) and we are now waiting for the ditches to fill and the ground to re seed regrow.  The spoil has already begun to break down and weather into flatter areas.  The ditches are probably 60% full now, just from rain and the lower tides we have been having.  No real big tides are expected this year!
One of the Trustees from the people that gave us the grant had a site visit the other week and to say he was impressed is an understatement!

There is also the availability to put a tarp up at the front of the hut now as well.  This is useful for when we have larger groups there such as the ladies days, Junior days & try wildfowling days we have hosted previously, as it doubles the covered area in case of inclement weather.

It doesn't stop there by the way, we already have ideas on further ways to improve the ground and to help provide income from it as HLS comes to an end.

Car Parking at Hill Flats:
On Associate flights in the past we have been allowed to park cars in the field off the road. Also some members have been allowed to as well by the farmer.  However, he has changed his herd to beef cattle now and the gate to the road is closed and must be kept closed.  The cattle have free run of all of the fields that he rents, so there is a risk of damage to your car should you park in there.
He is sorting alternative parking for us that may well be able to used all season.  That is in the orchard on the opposite side of the road.  Once finalised, I will email the club to let you know when you can start parking there.  Until then please park on the road or a couple of cars can park at Severnside Farm.

Wainlodes dates:
These were emailed out and put onto Facebook the other day.  If you have any queries, contact Matt Phillips on

Car Parking at Frampton:
There have been a couple of moans regarding people parking inconsiderately near to Splatt Bridge and causing lorries not to able to access addresses there.  The parking there has always been a pain in the proverbial.  We have approached a local landowner regarding getting the use of a section of field to park in but they are unwilling to allow it due to potential damage to the field and that other people may start to use it as well.
You can park 1 or 2 cars by the church and walk across the field, or park further into the village and walk to the marsh.  If you do take this option, please be considerate of noise early in the morning.  
On a brighter note, I went there for the first time this season this morning and there were only 2 vans and 1 car parked in the car park!  I could have parked a lorry in there :-)

Junior Flight:
Just a reminder that Poulton Court Marsh is closed this Saturday to allow the Junior Day to take place and the juniors to have more opportunity of a good flight.
NB there is an Associate Flight there on the Sunday Evening.  Feel free to come along and help.

ID Course:
The Annual ID course commence next month.  At the moment there are not many people booked in with Ian Whitehall to go on it.  All of the Associates must be very good at their id if they do not need any training in order to pass the test!  You need to pass it in order to progress to full membership!

Frampton Fair
We have had positive feedback and thanks for the clubs efforts at Frampton Fair.  Many thanks to all of the members who helped out.


As a club we do a number of things that we feel helps to make this club one of the highest regarded and best in the country.  However they cannot be done without your support.  Wether you have been in the club for 30 years or 30 days if possible please help by attending club events, giving a couple of hours on works parties, taking out an associate and passing on your knowledge.  If you have any suggestions on things we can do or improve on, please feel free to make suggestions.